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Where printers sell their excess capacity -- for Cash.

Like you, we are printers. Our staff has hundreds of years of combined experience in the industry. After seeing many "dot-coms" try to move in on printers' markets and revenues, we decided to create a printer-friendly Internet opportunity.

How It Works
PFL-Net allows a few select world-class printers to balance their workload with quick, profitable jobs. It is truly the printers' online source for added revenue. PFL-Net makes a variety of 4-color jobs available to pre-qualified printing partners. These jobs can be grabbed at a moment's notice, with no bidding or estimating. You will receive a fixed 50% of the price paid by our online print buyers. You take only those jobs you want, when you want. We handle the customer acquisition, pricing, digital file preparation, and customer service. You fill open press time with short run work, available when you want it. You have no obligation to take any work. You merely log in, and cherry-pick those jobs which best fit your equipment and workload.

Benefits of Being a PFL-Net Partner
  • Live jobs, available whenever you need them.
  • No bidding or estimating.
  • No sales or customer service costs.
  • Risk-free digital files.
  • Fast make-readies: run to the numbers.
  • Immediate payment.
With the high cost of equipment in our industry, idle capacity can be a profit killer. As a PFL-Net partner, you can fill idle press time, and improve your bottom line.

While many consultants have advocated lowering your prices toward the end of the month in order to add revenue contribution, they forget that customers aren't stupid. Many printers have found that customers quickly learn to get their rfq's in at the end of the month, thereby insuring that they get your lowest price.

We have a better way.

PFL-Net allows you to liquidate your excess capacity anonymously, outside of your local market, without training your customers to expect rock-bottom prices year 'round. We will work with you to determine what jobs best fit your equipment, and set up your login so that you see only the the types of jobs you want.

Some of our partners like long runs, others only the shortest. Some limit themselves to 80# text to fit their gang sheets, while others like postcards on 120# cover. Still others claim jobs in groups, so that they can profitably fill 25x38 press sheets. Some like aqueous coating, others don't. The point is, you are in control, taking only those jobs you want, at the price you want.

If you want to increase your revenues immediately, please Contact Us today for a demonstration of the system.

Getting Back to Business with a Pointed Look at Pricing
By Jerry Bray of PrintingNEWS

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